Kyeian (kyeian) wrote in noivilbo,

Broken Wings

A spin-kick to the face followed by an elbow to the stomach hurts badly. It doesn't matter that the fifteen year old bitch who delivered it is tiny, it doesn't matter that she's petite. What matters is the five years of practice with her black-belt father.

I shoved the little snot onto the couch where she fought tears as she pressed my handkerchief to her bleeding nose. Her long hair was starting to look bedraggled, though four hours ago she'd been resplendint as she exited her high-school. She'd put up quite a fight as well, taking two of my better men down. They were still knocked out in the infirmary.

I took my seat on the far side of my desk and surveyed the girl a long moment, "That's hardly gracious of you," I informed her, clasping my hands as they rested in front of me on the desk, "I'm offering you hospitality. You should not attempt to break my nose."

"I wasn't trying to break your nose," she muttered sullenly, looking away from my eyes, "I was trying to shove the thing into your brain."

I raised my eyebrows at her.

"Or at the very least, puncture an internal organ with a broken rib."

I stared at her a long moment before rising to my feet and crossing the office to stand over her again, "Miss Sayuri, please. Be civil."

"Civil?" she demanded, glaring into my eyes with the fire of one who was young and ignorant, "Civil? You snatched me from my school to get revenge on my father and you're asking me to be civil?"

I tilted my head in assent, wondering what she thought of this for a breif moment before moving to sit next to her on the couch, "I'm very aware that my motives are less than...civil, but I mean to treat you with respect. You can have free range of my house and most of my grounds, but one or two of my men will follow you constantly."

She grumbled something under her breath, and I ignored it.

"Further, all of your needs will be taken care of."

"And if I'm on my period?" she asked in that same snot-tone.

I met her eyes levelly again, "What if you are? That is a need is it not? It will be taken care of."

She subsided into pouting again, removing the handkercheif and looking at bloody spot for a moment before pressing it to her lip again.

One of my men came in, leaning to my ear and muttering that her room was ready and food should be ready shortly. I nodded and thanked him before sending him for some ice and a first-aid kit to be sent to the said room.

"Please, follow me," I added, offering a hand to help her rise to her feet.

She looked on the verge of tears again as she accepted, following me docily toward the door. I wasn't a fool, however. I would not take her at face value. Akito was much too clever to raise a daughter who did not know how to manipulate.
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