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Vampires - "Encounters in the Dark, Take Two"

It was a dark and stormy night. The fitful wind blew black streaks of cloud across the almost full moon, creating shifting patterns on the dying grass underfoot. Raindrops brushed softly againt Raissa's face now and then, and the wind caught at her, tugging at the loose sleeves of her blouse and tangling her long auburn hair. The storm was a welcome relief from summer's heat, and she hummed softly as she walked down the seldom used path.

The trail wound through a park in the middle of the city. The park, in truth, was little more than a wooded patch with a bit of lawn near the sidewalks, and this path twisting through the trees. Raissa liked to walk through it on her way between her apartment and her office, as it was faster than going around it, and far more pleasant than the concrete and traffic outside the quiet park. She had gone through it at night only once before, and had been wary to do so again, but the lure of home and something hot to drink and a DVD kept her from going the long way. The last time.... Raissa shook her head, not wanting to think about it. There are weirdos out, you know? She took a deep breath, telling herself that it was a large city; there were strange people out, and that had simply been one of them. All the same, she dug her hand into her pocket for her key, not wanting to waste time fumbling at her front door.

EDIT: Leta, I changed my post to make your post fit with the history. Mix-up is fixed!
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